Lets assume that you have just set up your Date online. You’ve chosen the exact person that you’d like to go out with and paid your bill. By now you would have received an email confirming your selection. We know who, what, where, when, and (usually) why.

Congratulations! You have a Date for next Thursday!

You’ll receive a phone call from our office within a day or so. (It’ll come from a personal cell phone to ensure nobody questions the caller ID) We will confirm and double check your itinerary to make sure everything goes as planned.

Your companion will then call you on a day and within time-frame that’s good for you. You should spend a few minutes to get to know each other and talk about your Date. (We do not charge for this part of our service)

On the night of your Date, you will meet your companion in an area that’s good for you. (We choose the exact location) This is where you’ll pick up and drop off your companion. You’ll need to show State ID, Credit Card, and fill out a quick and simple form. After your companion checks in, you’re off to have a great time!

Was that easy or what?

During your Date, your companion can be your soul mate. If there is a story involved, they’ll play along! At the end of the evening, you’ll simply drop your companion back at the original meeting place and you’ll have lots of wonderful memories that can last a lifetime.

The next day, we’d like to call you to find out how everything went. Your comments are always appreciated. It helps us to ensure customer satisfaction and constantly improve our service.

We take tremendous pride in everything we do. Whether you try our service just once or use us over and over again, we’ll always strive to make your Date the best you’ve ever had.